Tuesday, November 17, 2009

random thoughts

It's Tuesday already...wow.
Just a mismatch of random thoughts to share. Things I want to put down for posterity sake.

First, I have a love hate relationship with the smell of Lysol in my home. I'm taking a proactive approach to germ warfare this season. I'm attempting to keep bathrooms, doorknobs and other surfaces cleaner, and more importantly...disinfected. Hence the Lysol. I love the smell (it means clean) and HATE the smell (makes my nose hairs tingle.) Any suggestions for a more nasal-friendly disinfectant?
Second, today was "special hair" day for some of the girls. That doesn't mean a lot, except that we spend a little extra time "fussing" over hair for things like french braids, or piggy tails with matching bows. (Not just the usual brush and a clip on top.) It also means the spaghetti pot comes out. John looked at me in utter confusion when Mary asked for braids today, and I responded "sure, just go get the spaghetti pot." She knew what I meant. The pan we use to make soups and spaghetti (hence the name) when turned over, is the perfect stool for little ones to sit on comfortably while mom fusses with hairdos. It's kept in a bottom cabinet in the kitchen, so it's easily accessible as well.
"Yeah mom, we cleaned our room." doesn't neccesarily mean just that. Better double check. (the scissors, shredded paper, and clean laundry spread all over the floor apparently didn't count.)
The only difference between a size 5 1/2 boys shoe, and 5 1/2 mens is $20. (c'mon! It's the same shoe!!)
Santa is at the mall already! Isn't there a rule about defrosting the turkey first?!

Hmm. That's all for now. Will try to post a little better later.
God Bless!

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Amy said...

Lysol - I have a very sensitive nose and can't hardly handle the smell either...haven't found a solution.
Pretty Hair - We go thru that in our house too, no spaghetti pot though. Just wait till they are almost as tall as you...makes it even harder!
Cleaning - Don't even get me started...constant battle in our house.
Shoes - You're right $20 or more when you jump to adult sizes. It happens with the clothes too...be prepared!
Santa - I was there last weekend and couldn't believe it...one holiday at a time please!