Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh pickles.

I typically don't sit around lamenting my difficult life. I really don't. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that at times I feel a bit under-appreciated. It goes with the title of being mom though, so really, I'm okay with it. As a matter of fact, I've become quite used to being invisible, and with a whole lot of prayers for help from the Blessed Mother, and the Holy Spirit...I can go about my day trying to give my best anyway.
It so happened the other night that I baked fish for supper (which John had been hinting about for days). Unfortunately we had no tarter sauce in the house, so I made some from scratch...simple mayo, chopped pickles...nothing special. Anyhow, the kids threw a big fuss about dinner (as is often the case when feeding toddlers, right? Please tell me I'm not alone on this.) Unfortunately a lot went to waste, 'cause leftover fish is just blech! As I was clearing the dinner table, John mentioned the tarter sauce. He had noticed it was homemade, and that I probably had to chop the pickles, cause he knew there was no relish in the fridge. Anyways, long story short...he said something to the effect of "Nobody here really realizes that dinners don't just fall on the table. You put a lot of effort into feeding everyone 3 times a day, don't you." (no duh.) The conversation pretty much ended there, but it was enough to make me aware that A. he notices (how sweet is that?!) and B. I'm okay with the fact that my kids don't notice. Oh sure, those precious moments when one of them says "thanks mom" or "this is delicious" or even a grubby little thumbs up my direction is nice, but not necessary. I keep reminding myself that one day these kids aren't going to be little ones to bathe, or cook for, or help dress, or teach or read with, or pray with. Someday, silence will prevail. For now, I must find joy in the doing for, in the being with, in the sharing of all that I have to offer. I think I've mentioned before (and need to remind myelf once and again too) that it is in our daily service to our family, that we are honoring God in our true vocation as wives/mothers. May our days work become a form of prayer when done out of love. peace.


Amy said...

Beautifully put! Oh how the stubborness can come out at mealtimes (from me and the kids)'re not getting up until you eat at least ## bites. Hopefully I'm not the only one using this tactic. We restarted a plan in our house a few weeks ago. I print out a calendar for a couple of months and assign one day per week for each kid. They get to choose the evening meal and that is what we have. They get to help prepare the meal on their night and all of them feel involved in food decisions. Yes, there are nights when everyone doesn't like what we have, but they realize that something they picked may not agree with everyone either. Another bonus is less last minute thinking on my part for coming up with a meal, and the variety is better also.

Beth said...

Thanks, Jamie...I needed this today. Been feeling very unappreciated around here lately! Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one and your perspective on it made me think and helped me to stop feeling sorry for myself!'d you get your hubby to realize it, too? He needs to talk with mine...!

Anonymous said...

Exactly and something we need to remember about a 100 times a day.