Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12 weeks.

A good friend and coworker of mine was diagnosed this past week with Stage 4 Colon cancer, with spots on her liver as well. She had been having some abdominal pain, and decreased appetite, which she chalked up to her gallbladder, so when those tests came back negative, she was a bit surprised. Just days later, she found the real culprit. If you think to add her to your prayer list, that would be wonderful.
I am blessed to job-share in a small nursing clinic for independent residents at a long-term care facility with the aforementioned, and a third nurse as well. What this means to me, is that for the last several years, I've been able to work a very flexible schedule, only filling in when the other 2 couldn't fill the 9a-1:30p, 5day/week schedule. Maternity leave was never an issue, I'd just start working a day or two hear and there as needed. I truly am blessed! However with one nurse off the schedule with health issues, and the other already committed to covering elsewhere for someone's 12 week maternity leave (starting this week), I'll be working more hours than I have in a very long time: 3 days/week for the next 12 weeks. It sounds so silly, I know. It's still a light-load compared to so many moms working full-time or more. Still, it's already got me "watching the clock" so to speak as I count down the next 12 weeks.
I keep reminding myself, that these wonderful women have "covered" for me and carried the heaviest load in the schedule for years. I also realize that God is providing. Prayers for a means to help make ends meet through the holiday season are answered. Though, I didn't anticipate it quite this. Certainly I must be grateful: for the years I've been able to stay at home caring for these many blessings, for God's providence, for good health in this family.
Must go now...and kiss the foreheads of sleeping little ones, thanking God for each one of them! God is good.


blessed to be a Mom said...

Thanks, Jami, for all of your help. You are a blessing and I admire you. I am blessed by your desire and willingness to help out during this time. Whatever we need to do, we will get it done. God does provide. Thanks for being a blessing!

Amy said...

It will be a big adjustment, but you are so good at rolling with the'll all do fine. The kids and John will amaze you with their flexibility and help. Good luck!

Bethe said...

Hang in there Jamie. I recently went from 3 days to 5 days (with 4 littles). Give yourself 4-6weeks to adjust, you'll get there, it just takes time!! amy is right john adn the kids are amazingly flexible it's about finding a new routine!
my best advice, CROCK POT!!
i can't tell you how much that has saved me!