Sunday, November 1, 2009

fashion faux pas

Yep, this is just wrong. Worse than wearing white after labor day, I'm sure. I'm choosing my battles though. Like when Charlie decided to wear a much-too-tight sleeveless "muscle" shirt yesterday. Whatev' I'm down with that. (choosing my battles. encouraging independence. biting my lip...yada, yada.)

It's tough telling this little curly-top that her toes-in-tights don't look "fabulous" in flip-flops! What can I say? She's my princess.


Anonymous said...

She is adorable! You look great as well.

Stacy said...

I'm also picking my battles here at our house. Although the other day my 3 yr. old just thought she had to wear her poofy pink princess dress (a play dress)to church. I had to put my foot down there. Could you imagine the stares she would have gotten, not to mention people thinking that her mother was insane for letting her wear it.

Beth said...

My girlfriends daughter wore her little princess plastic play shoes to church one day. Beats being late to church and people just think it's cute when you're 3! Makes people smile because they've been there! ;)