Monday, August 10, 2009

weekend in pictures

We had so much fun this weekend, it's hard to put it all into words... so I won't. I'llll just share a few pics of our crew (and a few cousins) enjoying the Ohio State Fair on Friday, then the Velvet Ice Cream Factory on Saturday. Memories are made of moments like these...

Our 10 met Pink Panther near the entrance of the fair.

City gals get a taste of the country as Alice (in pink) and Emma (black) try their hand at milking a cow. (Several of the younger ones took a turn as well. Too cute!)
Kissing cousins (Kate and Lucy) sharing a sandwich and a few babbles about their adventures that day.
Mary found a little lamb (and Charlie, Frank, Alice and Rose too!)
A fair visit wouldn't be complete without checking out the "Buckeye Big Boar" (or as Alice tells: the "fattest hog in the state!") ...more than 1200 pounds!

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