Monday, August 10, 2009

more weekend pics...

After spending the night with John's sister and her family in Columbus, we headed to Utica, Ohio to check out the Velvet Ice Cream factory.

The kids enjoyed their ice cream at a mini ice-cream parlor set. Yummy!
14 of the 15 kids checking out the restored water wheel outside the factory. (Lucy apparently dodged the camera...she's good at that!)

We found a little off-the-beaten-path river bed there where the kids all waded and enjoyed finding/throwing stones.

Love this picture of Lucy and Daddy. This is a favorite spot for her as we take nature walks. She must feel on top of the world, and safe on Daddy's shoulders. (and I don't think John minds having her there either.)

Skipping stones into the river below. Yep, life is pretty good.


Pam Kaiser said...

I love so much that you take the time to make memories for your kids. Memories for a lifetime!!!

Looks like you had a great weekend. How did the state fair competition go? I always feel a little overwhelmed there!!!!!

jamie said...

The judging process went very well. There were over 500 kids there on Friday for Natural Resources Day judging. (I believe about 20 divisions being judged from fire arms & gun safety, to ponds, fishing, and our Ohio Birds.) Registration went very smoothly, and Emma was up for judging as quickly as we could get the paperwork filled out. (No time for nerves!) She got excellent comments on her scoring sheet for her communication skills and other parts of her project, but lost marks on her "lack of creativity" in trying to impress the judges. I'm chalking that up to being a first-timer, and really just focusing on getting the project completed. It really was an honor I think, just for her to be chosen to represent our county. I'm so darned proud of her!! (That's a NO...she didn't place...but she got a great "participation" ribbon!)

Pam Kaiser said...

Do they do the Natural Resource judging in the youth building, or out at the natural resources area? I am assuming the former......

That's what we always tell our kids -- you are there with the best of the best -- just be happy for that!!! :)

I'm tickled pink she did so well her first year!!!

Next up: Picking next year's projects!!! :)

jamie said...

Judging was in the Youth Building, which was great because all the kids stayed entertained with the building blocks, legos, toy trucks, and other various interactive displays during judging and later during awards presentations. Perfect!!