Tuesday, August 18, 2009

note to self:

With regards to camping, one can never pack too many pairs of undies (for the kids that is.)

You see, I'm am forever the over-packer. It's just me. But I went outside of my comfort zone and became a minimalist for just this one weekend. With 12 of us sharing only a few square feet of space, it seemed necessary to pare down. So, I gave strict orders for each of the kids to grab only the necessary items...3 outfits (one for each day, and I really didn't care if they matched!) 1 clean pair of undies (cause we probably would only take the time to tackle the shower house once.) and no extra shoes (only what they had on their feet when we left the house.)

Figures, that Frank (who's potty training) went back to diapers in the first hour, Grace and Sam both blew out their flip-flops on day one, and kids who are camping need more than one pair of clean underwear! I made one trip daily back home (thank goodness we were within 5 miles) for shoes, underwear, sweatshirts and ice. Not bad for first-time campers. Next time, perhaps we'll wear the same clothes all 3 days and just pack 3 pairs of undies. (hee, hee...that'd save space, not?!)

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Beth said...

We were planning a trip to the lake on Friday but opted for the Minster pool instead. First time I'd brought them all summer! I'd of loved to see you and all your little ones out there. You sound like me...an overpacker. Then when you don't, you need it! I sympathize with the potty training...I've got one of my own. Takes forever and lots of patience and undies and carpet cleaner, doesn't it? Hope you had a very fun weekend!