Wednesday, August 26, 2009

remember when...

...the greatest decision you had to make each day was whether to have chocolate milk, white milk or orange drink at snack time?!

Yup. Critical thinking going on there. John and Mary are feeling the stress of it.
Kinda makes me long for kindergarten again...I met my BFF there you know. I can still remember the two of us reaching for the same jumprope at recess. I think we shared.

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Martha said...

YES, I remember! You brought a big smile to my face with this one...that was a tough decision, between orange drink and chocolate milk for me (2% white milk was way too thin for this dairy farm girl--I thought it was white water in a carton!) Kindergarten memories are fun--music with Mrs. Smith, those BIG wood blocks, hopscotch on the floor, the balance beam, the science room (Mrs. Hixenbaugh made me feel like the stones I shared [that I collected from our lane on the way to the bus] were such a treasure!--I only picked up the sparkly ones, of course, about 20 per day!), graduation day songs and construction paper mortar boards...good stuff. Thanks for the smile today! Praying for our Minster cousins who are already in school...we start on Monday...where did summer go?!?