Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and they're off!

With butterfly bellies and backpacks full of fresh gear and crisp notebooks, my oldest four were out the door to school this morning. The next two will follow behind after lunch for PM kindergarden. I'd forgotten how nice it is to have everyone up at the same time, eating breakfast together and laughing through their nerves about how the year will go. Sam's face was priceless when Alice mentioned that his new teacher keeps a whip hanging in her classroom for when she needs to "whip" kids back into shape. (He was horrified, and grateful to be forewarned!) It didn't take long for Alice to bust into laughter at his being so gullible. We all got a laugh on that one.
Now that they're gone, what will we do?! Oh, I think we'll find something. Younger ones are taking turns in the bathtub, my second load of laundry is nearly ready for the clothesline, and there's still a little coffee in the pot. Frank and I shared some prayers for the big kids in the quiet family room this morning as Dad and others watched all the kids and cars streaming by from the front porch this morning. Yep, it should be a good year.

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