Thursday, August 13, 2009

packing up

In the spirit of trying to cram as much fun into these last two weeks before school starts, we're packing up for a very mini vacation. The kids have been begging to "go somewhere" all summer. (that's code for somewhere overnight...preferrably a hotel with a swimming pool.) Unfortunately hotels and major traveling is just not in the budget. So instead, we're heading just a few miles down the road to Lake Loramie State Park for a few nights of camping. My brother was kind enough to loan us their camper for the weekend. We loved the RV trip so much last year, I think this will be fun for everyone. He brought the camper by today, so we can take our time packing it, and planning where everyone will sleep, etc. We could probably squeeze us all in if we wanted, but the oldest 3 or 4 are looking forward to a little independence and are packing along a tent to sleep together outdoors. It looks as though the weather is going to be beautiful. I've got to get grocery shopping tomorrow so that by Saturday we'll be ready to pull out.
Pray for us, and more importantly for the folks camping next to us, whoever they might be. They're going to need the prayers most!


Stacy said...

We are going to try to get one more camping trip in next weekend before school starts too(we start on Tuesday the 25th) and will also be going to Ft. Loramie. They have a wonderful park: clean, the people are sooo nice, great paths for bike riding, and they usually have lots of activities (nature walks, etc.) scheduled every weekend for the kids. Hope you have a wonderful time together. I know our kids love to camp (we have a camper). Whenever we pack up to go home they are already asking when the next trip will be. I hope they remember the special memories we make while camping many years down the road.

Barb said...

I hope you have a great time...God bless!!

Casey said...

We were camping there this weekend with my in-laws. I can't believe we didn't see you guys running around! That was our first time there and I can't wait to do it again. The kids had a blast and it's good, clean and cheap family fun!!

PS. You are a remarkable woman for bringing 10 kids to Walmart. I can barely handle my 2!

I love your blog Jamie!