Sunday, June 28, 2009

thoughts for this Sunday

Some of the girls and I were leafing through books together today. Baby Lucy was keeping us entertained as she'd grab a book and babble her way through the pages. We'd all laugh with her, and she'd start all over again. Grace reached for my little blue book on the end table, turned to the middle somewhere and attempted to read aloud as well. Alice was quick to steal it away from her and read the sentence for her.
"Think of the countless useless things that ordinarily are the subject of the world's conversation as being an obstacle to the holy relationship God wishes to have with you."

I had her read it again, more slowly. It led to a lovely impromptu discussion about things that are blocking us from a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. It was really nice. Perhaps from time to time I should encourage them to just grab one of my little daily devotionals and read a line or two just to see what comes up. Always grateful for these grace-filled opportunites for growing in the faith.


MJ said...

Jamie, if my old eyes are reading correctly is the name of the book "The Imitation of Mary"? Is it a newer book that I would be able to get? I love to find anything particularly devoted to the Blessed Mother. The lines from the book were good to think about.

jamie said...

MJ~ yes it's The Imitation of Mary by Alexander de Rouville. I received it as a gift several years back, and loved reading it through...and continue to refer back to certain chapters/ passages. I love it! I've seen it available at most christian bookstores and online as well. (I borrowed the picture from books.) Enjoy!