Monday, June 1, 2009

as for my plans

I did just as I intended, and posted a new chore chart today. No, I'm not a big one for stickers and rewards and such...not that we haven't tried that before. This is more of a cleaning mandate, advising all peasants of the kingdom what they'll be responsible for keeping clean as proclaimed by the queen (and the king's been briefed no whining to dad!)
We started simple, with the basics (cause during the summer, these slackers try to get away with anything!)
For instance, in the morning...everyone must eat, get dressed, brush teeth, make bed and straighten bedroom. (can you believe there a few who think teeth brushing is only necessary for going to school?! I'm tellin' you, I gotta spell it all out!)
Tonight, the younger kids were responsible for picking up toys, and straightening the family room, picking up shoes, etc. It went really well. We'll see how the older kids do with the Tuesday and Friday cleaning days (all over cleaning of family room, basement, and bathrooms.) Should be fun. I'm just tickled to be looking at a "picked up" (never mind dusty) house. Ahhh, life is good. Now on to that laundry that's forever calling my name.


4prettybabies said...

I need to figure out some cleaning rules around here, too. My house looks like something exploded in it ever since school let out! I like your method...I might have to try it myself.

I made "chore sticks" last year by writing every chore I could think of (big and small) on the large craft sticks I'd had purchased but didn't know what to do with (They are the size of tounge depressors). If we plan on going anywhere, the kids have to make sure to have all the "sticks" finished or we don't go. I put them in a drinking glass and they pick one at a time. It really works pretty well and I've even given 25 cents per stick they complete once in a while since some work faster and get more done. Boy, they really get moving when there's $ involved! I don't like to do that very often, but when they start getting bored with it, it is a good motivator! I also added 5 minute break sticks that they can use whenever they wish (after they've done some chores already, though). I think it's time to break out the sticks'll be able to hear the groaning from Minster (and we live in Russia)!!!

Enjoy your clean house!

jamie said...

I like the sticks idea...I might have to make a similar system to be used on those off days when no regular cleaning is "scheduled."

The kids do seem to stay on task better when given several simple little jobs as opposed to "go clean the basement," which sends them into a whiney, battle of overwhelm. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Can you post your chore list? What about suggestions for 4-5 year olds? Mine are 4 going to be 5 this summer and I'm not sure what they should be doing, opposed to what they are just being stubborn about not wanting too. BTW I love your blog!! It's really an inspiration to me!

jamie said...

Hey Jessica,
thanks for checking in. We've tried lots of things over the years, and while what works for us, may not work in someone else's house, I'll be glad to share a few ideas. I'll work something into a near-future post.

Anonymous said...

I strive for a morning chore list and an evening chore list. Just so that everything is in its place once again. Don't want to comment on how often that happens. Sigh.