Friday, June 12, 2009

a "simple" trip to the pool

I was getting the kids ready to walk to the pool the other day, and realized how nice it is to live just a few houses away. It makes things so simple! We can just walk down there, and come home when we feel like it without much fuss, right?

First, everyone must go potty (cause there's nothing worse than toting 3 toddlers into the restroom and tugging at wet swimsuits to try to take care of business.) Okay, everyone get your swimsuit on!! (Big kids, please help the little ones.) Frank and Lucy still need swim diapers.
Okay, potty (check)
swim diapers X 2 (check)
swimsuits for everyone (check)
plenty of towels, goggles, water toys, etc. (check)
okay, kids go outside for a minute, get the wagon needs to change. (check)
Load into the wagons, ready to go, right? (not, quite.)

I'll have 10 wet, cold kids when I return at pool-closing time (9pm) getting there is just half the battle. Now I need to be ready for getting home...
pajamas, diapers and clean undies for the 4 youngest lined up on my bed (check)
clothespins out at the line for easy towel/suit drying (check)
Barney movie in the VCR, rewound, ready to play...this will keep the 3 youngest happy so I can hang up towels, suits, and put dry clothes on myself. (check)
popcorn out, ready to go in the of the oldest can take care of this (check)

oops, nearly forgot...2 clean swim diapers into the pool bag, cause accidents do happen! (check)

okay kids, I think we're ready...what are you guys standing around for?! Lets GO!!!

(oh man, who forgot the pool snacks?! We're gonna starve without pool snacks. Man, everyone else has snacks! Mom, why didn't we bring snacks?! Mom, how could you forget?! oh my, where was my head?)


Anonymous said...

I know the drill ALL TOO WELL.... been there done that...

Anonymous said...

You're so funny, Jamie!!
Wait ill the older ones are big enough to go, then they can worry about eveything and you don't need to woryy about anything!! ;)

Jules B. said...

I only have 2 kiddos and at various times I have forgotten towels, goggles, sunscreen and snacks! Next time you'll remember the snacks for sure the kids won't let you forget!

blessed to be a Mom said...

I was just thinking of you this morning. Matt and I took the kids to Lake Loramie yesterday for swimming and then going out in the boat. It seemed to take me forever to get my kids changed and sunscreen on. Just think doing this 10 times! Whew,wears me out just thinking about it.