Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charleston Falls: Review

In two words: LOVED IT!

Easy to find, nice picnicing, clean restrooms, beautiful wooded trails, gorgeous falls, big rocks, small cave, streams to forge, grassy trails, bird viewing area, and on and on. A definite must-do this summer. We all enjoyed it immensely. As Emma put it so well: "Mom, I feel like I'm at God made this just for me!"

(logistically speaking: most of the trails, including a view of the falls from above are stroller/wagon accessible, however a view of the falls from below, and trails around the falls and to the small cave require many stairs/steps, and trickier trails that would be impossible to forge on wheels. Wear old comfortable shoes. It was suggested to us to go after good rainfall to see the falls at their best...leaving some area of the more difficult walking trails just a bit muddy.)

A few pics from the day:

the kids enjoying the observation deck at the base of the falls. My camera flash apparently caught the gentle mist we could feel...very nice!
many of the trails were nice and wide, made of gravel and easy to pull a wagon or push a stroller...

We noticed a picnic table located right next to the (very clean) restrooms just off the parking lot. Later as we started on the trails we learned there was a designated picnic area in the woods. We never made it that direction to check it out...but this worked out just fine.

Emma found a friend "Gary" the snail. No, we're not bringing it home!
Alice, Sam and Emma checking out these cools steps across the stream...I was standing on the wooden bridge to get this shot...but soon had to get into the water to help all the little ones across the much more interesting stepping stones.

Grassy trails led us out to this the center we found a wooden deck area with assorted bird feeders in the distance, a great place for a little quiet bird-watching.

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only one said...

Looks like a place we would enjoy. We haven't gotten to many trails around here, but, we have been given several suggestions. Gradution season is now just about over for us, maybe some quiet weekends are in store. Well, not yet, wedding, special olympics state track meet, vacation, then relaxation. Hoping we can get great pics from Mt. Rushmore. Continue with your wonderful quick trips, I'm enjoying them.