Saturday, June 13, 2009

talk about "gettin' your money's worth!"

$10. per carload to visit the drive-in. HA!! I loaded up the 15-passenger van last night with my 10 kids, plus 3 neighbor kids, and we got our money's worth, by golly!! We parked in the front row in the grass, so the kids could run off their energy pre-movie, and spread out on blankets and lawn chairs during the flick. It was awesome. Cars around us had such great speaker systems blaring, I didn't even have to risk the battery on our big bus. What a great night we had, and at less than $1 per person to see a new release (Night at the Museum 2), you can't beat that value! Add that to your summer to-do list!


♥ Joanna said...

Wow! What a great deal!
Did you go to the Grand Lake Drive in, or the one off of 119? I'm always looking for a cheaper place to watch a movie! :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, I thought your daughter, no names, said you got locked out of your van and the 'handyman' had to come????


jamie said...

oh yes, very true...I think the kids worried about this more than me. As we unloaded our blankets (and kids) one of the kids hit the locks, and well...bummer. But fortunately I called AAA, and they were there within 30-40 minutes. (Actually only about 5 minutes into the movie, since we were there early) Like I said, we'd already had the blankets out, so just had to wait a few minutes for the was all good (and something more for the kids to remember and tell their friends about)
BTW~ it was the Lake Drive in.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH bummer with the lock issue..

blessed to be a Mom said...

How was the movie?