Friday, June 5, 2009

and here it is Friday already!?

My the time goes so fast! I had the best intentions for posting this week, but somehow fell short...on time, ideas, clever thoughts, you name it. I'll try to fill you in on all the things I wanted to talk about this week...

Alice and Emma joined the swim team this year. It's a new experience for us all, and this week they had their first meet. It was 30-some miles away in Ft. Recovery. Meets last 4 hours or more, and with John at work, there was just no way I could expect the other kids to come with me in hopes of spotting our swimmers race one lap across the pool. So we stayed home, and awaited their return and news of how it went. Each of them competed in 3 or 4 events...once against each other even. Turns out they swam well, and had lots of fun despite the bitter chill that evening. (They got home after 11:30 that evening, frozen like popsicles.) Yikes, hope the meets are warmer from here on out. Anyways, parents are expected to help out at meets, and to allow me not to have to get a sitter for the other 8 kids, the board offered me other ways to help out the team. One way was to bake 20 dozen cookies for today's "fun" practice. I didn't have to make them, just bake frozen cookie dough they purchased for the team, so it wasn't terrible, but time consuming. I've really been working hard at the weight-loss thing, so it was a real test of willpower not to nibble a few. I held strong though. (I can't say the same for little Charlie, whom I caught taking bites out of cookies then hiding them back with the rest like I'd never find out...little stinker!)
As we begin to settle into summer, I'm finding just a couple of the new "rules" in place are working wonders. Kids are doing great with the limited chores I've asked them to help with...little kids pick up toys/shoes/etc in the evenings, and older kids help with all over cleaning on Tuesdays and Fridays. It's just one less thing for me to be thinking about. I've also started the "no tv between 3 and 5pm daily" rule. The younger kids are napping at this time, and the older kids are usually finding their way in from the yard, friends' house or pool and wanting to settle down in front of the tv to unwind before supper and more evening fun. I just hate that laying around in front of the tv. So, while I want them to have quiet, relaxed time, I don't want it to be zoning out with the television. Instead, blocks and puzzles, books and games are making their way off the shelves and being put to use again. Next week starts the summer reading program at our library, and I'm hoping this will be an excellent quiet time to jump into some great books. I'll admit our family prayer time has slipped to nonexistence again...with the exception of meal prayers and bedtime. I'm hoping next week to also "schedule" in a morning family prayer time to start each day. (It's horrible, but I've mentioned is so crazy sometimes, if I don't write it down, it won't happen!) Even if it's just 5-10 minutes before breakfast before the girls take off for swim practice. A morning offering/prayer time sounds like just what we all need. I'll let you know what we end up doing with that, and how it goes.
In other news, I've had a mama robin trying to build a nest atop the light fixture on our front porch. I wouldn't mind it terribly, except that it's exactly above our mailbox, and she's leaving a terrible mess (of every sort) on the mailbox, and I'm afraid the mailman will quit delivering mail with all the poo on the lid. Yuck! Anyway, I chased her away 3 or 4 times the other day, each time removing with a broom, the nest she was trying to build. Within a half an hour, she'd be back at it with more bits of dried weeds, paper scraps, and whatever else she could find. That persistent little devil just wouldn't quit! She finally completed a nest, despite my best efforts to keep her away. I politely lifted the nest off the light, and moved it a few yard away to the front tree. She hasn't been the light, or her nest. Now I'm feeling a bit guilty...but, doggone it...I tried to explain, she just wouldn't listen. Oh my...that reminds me of this story which you must read when you have a moment!

Today is also the feast day of St. Boniface, patron of the German people. Having German roots, and living in an area which is predominantly german in descent, I wanted to do a lovely post about his history, and how he grew the Catholic church in Germany...but that slipped too. Instead, I'll just end with a simple prayer "O Lord, let St. Boniface intercede for us, that we may firmly adhere to the faith he taught, and for which he shed his blood, and fearlessly profess it in our works" Amen.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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