Thursday, June 18, 2009

popcorn and peach pie

These are just a couple of the bedtime snack selections the kids munched on tonight. The young ones shared a bag of popcorn at the picnic table before coming in for jammies and bedtime. Charlie had an apple on the sly. (He didn't eat much supper, so he wasn't supposed to get snacks...I offered him the chicken salad wrap to finish, but it was still a no-go.) Instead he snuck an apple, while I was folding laundry and left the remnants for me on the cofffee table in the tv room. (Little turkey!) Sam helped me do a little picking-up in the basement, and asked for peach pie and ice cream once the little ones were in bed, and I was happy to oblige. Now Alice and Emma are returning from their swim meet (nearly 10:30) and are starving. Pie and ice cream comes out for another serve.
One thing's for certain, with all the kids home from school for the summer, our grocery bill has grown a bit. They are constantly snacking (and starving!) I try to monitor snacking, and keep it as healthy as possible most of the time (pie is the exception more than the rule.) Even little Lucy knows where the snacks are kept, and is constantly begging someone to open a fruit snack or granola bar for her. But still...I'm wondering if mom's across America are dishing out the same rhetoric..."No snacks! We just ate!" or, "No snacks, we're going to eat soon!"


Anonymous said...

growing kids getting lots more exercise and Summer vacation go along with lots more snacks..
In the past I cut up fresh fruit and had it in the fridge... celery and peanut butter is always a great snack and peanut butter and crackers....I can only imagine the grocery bill cost;-0

Anonymous said...

Yep, we've noticed the same thing. We get tons of fresh fruit, but it seems to disappear immediately. My almost teenager must be going thru another growth spurt...she is hungry constantly! Sounds like another complete new wardrobe for the fall. I love that they are so active that it makes them hungry, but I do get tired of "we just ate"!

Amy L.

Beth said...

Oh've read my mind! I tried to prepare my husband for the larger food bill just before school was out by reminding him that we won't be paying the lunch bill for 3 whole months, so that amount (at least) would need to be added to the grocery budget! I feel like I am constantly cleaning up someones dishes! I'd imagine it REALLY seems like someone is always hungry with 10 kids in the house! Many times I think they're just bored and tell them if they're really really hungry, they should do one of their chores and then they can have a snack. If it's boredom, that usually cures their snack request pretty quickly, if they're really hungry, they usually don't mind doing the chore to "earn" another snack!