Monday, January 25, 2010

what inspires me?

Today, I'm inspired by moms (and dads) who have the patience to stack the Jenga blocks back into the box day in and day out without finally heaving them all into the trash.

My younger kids do not understand the concept of the game. They're just building blocks. Items to be dumped, stacked, scattered, tossed, hidden in couch cushions, but most certainly not stacked neatly back into a box which was most certainly designed by an obsessive compulsive neatfreak who never had toddlers. Who created a game in which the parts must be stacked just so (and I mean...JUST SO!) in order to fit back in the box. Come on!

Anyhow, I'm losing the battle of patience here tonight...not with my kids, though. I actually find it adorable the way they build neat little roads across the coffee table, and even the way they fling them through the kitchen like shuffleboard to see who can slide them the farthest. And who can blame the 3 year olds for not having the patience to stack them back in the box...I certainly don't.

(sigh) I do consider myself mostly organized. But this is too much. This game was a hand-me-down from some other lacking-for-patience family...wonder which one of my good friends I could pass this off to. muhaaaaahhahahahaha (my most devilish little laugh). Yes! Feeling like I might just have to share the "fun" of this game with someone else who could "enjoy" it for awhile. Anyone care for a game of Jenga?


Beth said...

I feel your pain...our box is long gone and the jenga blocks are officially members of my son's building block collection. All are living in a nice, sturdy plastic container with a handled lid. Makes for very easy clean up!

Anonymous said...

I being the bad mother that I am have been burning mine one block at a time. When I find one I toss it. It has been a year since I started and they still keep popping up. I think they multipy in dark spaces!