Monday, January 18, 2010

silence is GOLDEN!!

Ahhh...back at last from a wonderful little hiatus. I'd like to tell you that while my computer was in the shop, I filled my time with other fulfilling tasks like scrapbooking, or photo organizing, or gosh...what is it people do in their "spare" time?!
Nope. The truth is, I spent the last week of evenings being a complete mushroom (that's our slang for hanging out on the couch in the dark...doing the bare minimum.) Yep, after the kids hit the bed (with John still at work), I finished the essential chores, then promptly hit the couch and allowed myself to be sucked into "Criminal Minds" marathons every night on channel 43. (Who really wants to watches this stuff, episode after episode, day after day??! Well, besides me anyway.) The good news is that when the kids are grown and move on, I can get a part-time gig at Quantico as a criminal profiler. I've learned a thing or two.
Oh well, I've weaned myself off of it through the weekend, so I'm not even turning on the tv tonight. I've got floors to mop, laundry to fold, and a treadmill that needs dusted first then put to use. It's been a long time!
It is funny how the less I have to do, the less organized I become, and while my plate is full to the rim I manage to keep it all together fairly well. Funny. Time to get my act in gear again...move away from the couch...and keep you posted about the crazy blessings we call life!

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Book Lover said...

Glad your back! Missed your family's adventures. Is radio Maria on satellite radio? if it is which station?


Kim Chrisman