Thursday, January 21, 2010

growing pains

Grab a tissue if you will, and join me for a misty-eyed moment of silence as we commemorate our first night in more than 10 years without a crib in the house.
(sniffle, sniffle)
Lucy's crib was officially converted into a day-bed more baby beds...only big kids beds.
It happens just like that...first bouncy seats and bottles are packed away, then the cribs, before you know it booster seats and step stools are cast away to make room for shaving cream and car keys. Why can't they just stay little forever?!
Even just a year ago, I couldn't have imagined this beginning of the end of baby stages. When you're in the thick of it you wonder if you'll ever crawl out from the trenches. But then, as it must, it happens and you find yourself longing for simpler times. Harder...but simpler. Now the worries to police the tv and internet, what are they "learning" at school (in and out of the classroom), are they developing healthy friendships? respectful of others? do they wash their hands in the bathroom when you're not there to tell them anymore?! There's peace of mind in being able to just do things for them when they're little, and now we slowly have to learn to let go, and trust we've taught them well.
Oh, I know no one said this would be easy...but I didn't understand that growing pains make your heart hurt too.

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Beth said...

I know what you mean...but I must admit that I really don't miss changing diapers and potty training! My "baby" is 3 now and I was just thinking the other day how nice it is that she can go to the potty all by herself! I did just realize at WalMart today, as I was strolling past the baby isle, how weird it is to not need so many of the things on the shelves there anymore. After 12 years of needing something everytime I entered the store, it was a bit bittersweet! Yeah, I know just how you feel... ;)