Wednesday, January 27, 2010

runnin' wild

Every now and then, at the constant begging and pleading of our children, John and I toy with the notion of getting a puppy. I always joked that I'd never even consider it until we reached the point in our lives when there were no more diapers. Sadly enough that time is near.
Last night I found myself browsing through pictures of cute little puppies waiting to be adopted through our local animal protection league. I even went so far as to google various aspects of puppy training, which dogs don't shed, good with children etc. I came across one site that went into great detail about how to properly train dogs, walk dogs, etc. It stressed that dogs are pack animals and have an instinctive desire to walk/run. Apparently letting them out to do their business in the yard is not enough, you have to walk them regularly or it will affect their behavior.

Hmmmm. Sounds very much like the wild kids I'm raising around here. You see, I've not had the chance to "walk" them properly as of late, and they're growing restless. For the last several nights they've been running laps through the house like...yep, you guessed it...a pack of wild dogs. My mom stopped over this evening in the middle of their "pack run," and found not one, but 7 of the youngest just running...and running, and running..single file down the front hall, through the kitchen & family room, back down the hall. Monday night, I swear little Rose ran a mile without stopping. If I don't get them outside soon, they're going to wear a pattern in my living room carpet.

Can you imagine what might happen if I tried to introduce a poor puppy into this crazy mix? Oh my. I don't think I'm ready just yet. Nope. No puppy. We've got enough wild animals.


Anonymous said...

One thing that I will NEVER do again is to get a puppy---there is sooooo much training that has to happen! The barking/pooping/shedding/stealing food/vet bills.....then you have, who's going to feed the dog/clean up after him/pick up his poop/brush him.....oh, but they are just so cute and fluffy! ;)

Sounds as though you are doing some great research! Hey, if you need a "temp" dog let me know---my Great Pyrenees isn't 1 yet! :)

Pam Kaiser said...

Jamie -- we adopted one after Bremenfest 1.5 years ago -- from the Auglaize County pound. They were going to put him down the next day. I can't imagine our lives without him. And -- here's the good part -- it has instilled a sense of responsibility in our kids. Rarely do Jim and I take him out -- and he walks the block every time he goes out. They have their assigned times to care for him (who feeds him, etc.) I'm not going to push you, but it was a great decision for us! :) Call the pound if you go -- they are not expensive at all (I think we paid $30 for Oliver).



blessed to be a Mom said...

I love dogs and have had them all my life. Miley, the black lab we have now, is very hyper, but I know in time she will calm down and settle in to our home. I am not good at taking her on walks. Guess too lazy or maybe a little much going on. Hard to do when you have a stroller and a dog that pulls you down the road.
The benefit at your house is that the puppy would get its exercise and be pretty tuckered out by the end of the day!
BTW my first dog as an adult came from the Humane Society in Lima. All those years ago he was only $55, but was a wonderful dog. He had to be put to sleep last March. We still miss him!

Anonymous said...

until you can devote 6 months of training,vet visits and bills, and walking a puppy several times daily then by all means DO NOT get a puppy... you can rescue older dogs that are already trained and calmer,and so grateful to have a home. BUT all dogs regardless of age still need walked daily, for their health and sanity. Maybe consider rescuing a two yr smaller dog ... remember you will need to either take them with you on your travels, pay to board them or ask grandma to dog sit, cost of dog food and toys, heartworm preventative monthly,leashes, collars and trim the nails and regular bathing every 8 wks for short hair or pay a groomer for long hair dogs.. YEP just like having another child... BUT you will totally love your pet and so will the kids...

Barb said...

I would wait until warmer weather. We got our puppy in the summer and housebreaking is so much more pleasant when the weather is warm. It was also so cute watching our daughter and the puppy play outside in the yard.
We had a Shetland Sheepdog (she died several years ago) and she was wonderful with our kids. I felt so much better about the kids playing outside when she was out there. If anyone came anywhere near our yard, she would bark so that I would know something was up and she also would herd our kids away from the street...too cute!
It does take a lot of time, however, those first 6 weeks if you want to train them well. Mark and I joked that it was like having another baby in the house for a while.
So there's my two cents... =)
I do wish I could have heard your radio show.
Hope you're having a great week...God bless!