Tuesday, January 19, 2010

finger foods win, hands down.

I should be embarassed to admit it, but I'm still not organized in the menu department. Every day I ask myself (and nearly anyone that will answer) "What sounds good for supper?" I rarely have a plan, and since John works evenings that's okay. If I'm going to make something special, it's typically for lunch or on the weekend when he's home to enjoy it.
Anyhow. Once in awhile I cheat and serve up a mismatch of whatever. Tonight was one of those nights, and it was one of the quietest, well behaved meals we've had in a long time. Everyone was too busy munching to act up. So what was this mystery meal that kept everyone happy and bellies full? All finger foods.
We had ham and cheese wraps cut into pinwheels and served with toothpicks. (the toothpick sold it...Grace would NEVER otherwise eat meat and cheese together!) Celery smothered in peanut butter, graham crackers sandwiched with a little leftover chocolate frosting, and some mandarin oranges completed the meal. There were no leftovers to put away, and nobody bothered to ask for bedtime snacks this evening.
Yep, life is simply good.
Now...what sounds good for tomorrow?

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