Tuesday, May 8, 2012

like a bunch of squirrels

we're NUTS for Jesus!

What an absolutely busy, beautiful, blessed weekend we had here as John and Mary made their First Holy Communion on Sunday. 

Of course there was prep-work involved...aside from their spiritual formation that is.  There was attire to be ironed and fluffed, hair to be primped and coifed and pinned, food for the masses, garage space to clean and make ready, yardwork...and on and on.
(That's why my nutty squirrels above look like orphans...they'll call me out on the neglect in years to come.)

Anyhow, what a joy to see these little innocents anxious to recieve Jesus for the first time.  I couldn't help but get choked up as I watched my two, along with their classmates open their hands and hearts to Him.  Just beautiful!

Thank you Fr. Rick!

God Bless Mary Ava and John August as they continue to grow in their faith, and love of the Lord!


Anonymous said...

the picture that is of just the two of them should be taken again when she is a bride and he is one of the groomsmen. Priceless memories of being a twin.

Barb said...

Beautiful! First Communions always make me cry...