Saturday, April 28, 2012

just for smiles

Things around here...well, you just never know what you might walk in on.
Thought I'd share a few random photos from our week. 

Miss Anne---who's taken to climbing ev-ry-thing.  Most mornings she spends two-stepping her way across the breakfast table...thankfully, after the breakfast has been cleared.  Here, she's terrorizing the Loving Family dollhouse, sending them all running for their lives!

Okay...this just cracks me up.   We had "one of those days," where everyone was all jacked up with extra energy, but I think it was raining or I put in an old-school aerobics video in an attempt to wear them down.  It was hilarious!!!  Even the boys got in on the hip action.  HA!

And this morning.  More yucky weather.  So we camped indoors for some Saturday morning fun.  The orange blanket in the center is their make-shift campfire.  Tons of fun.  Careful Lucy, your biscuits might be burning!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny to see the tent in your family room... because Friday night we put a tent up in our playroom and Phil, Jim & Beth "camped" all night.
We're all getting anxious for some summer camping in the yard fun!

Pam Kaiser said...

You make such great fun at your house :) Love it! I love the hip action in the workout video! :)