Thursday, April 26, 2012

straight talk

(Hello friends!)

This morning the younger kids and I sped off to the New Knoxville Airport to watch Daddy board a small corporate plane, and fly off to Kinston, NC for the day.
It's his first travel experience for work, and we were so darned excited for him...and nervous...we couldn't help but see him off. 
We were able to park the van and walk right up to the gate, just a few yards from the plane.  Of course, he spotted us (surprised? VERY!) just before boarding.

As the plane taxi'd toward the runway, the kids and I made the sign of the cross and shared a little prayer for safe travels.  Of course, I led and tried to eloquently ask God to keep the pilot and passengers safe...yada, yada.  Rose impatiently interrupted with her own simple words..."But mostly make it so they don't DIE!"  Amen. 

After take-off the plane service technician greeted us, and offered us a quick tour of the hangar and one of the other planes...just like the one John was traveling on.   We saw the cockpit, and the very luxurious passenger area...complete with a kitchenette and restroom...we saw it all!  What an awesome nice of him to take the time in his busy day.  Especially since our visit was unplanned, and he didn't know us from Adam.  Guess he figured a disheveled lady with 5 young kids at 7:45am, must have legitimite reason to be there.  Why else would we be out that early, 'cept to see Daddy off.

We're excited to greet John back safely home for supper, and hear about his adventures.

Anyways, as we drove the 15 minute trip back home, I couldn't help but think of Rosie's prayer again...and how simple and to the point it was.  Sometimes words are my friend.  Other times, I get so caught up in trying to get them right, I fail to say what I really mean.  Or worse, I say nothing at all.

Hence the silence here.

Oh, life is traveling at lightning speed.  And I've had so many new experiences/stories to share as I try to roll with life and it's changes.  I'm gonna try to quit perfecting the words in my head, and just "spit it out" for you here.  Attempt to say what I we can all grow/learn/love from it.

Miss you all. 

Thank you God.  For Rosie, and words, and safe travels.  and everything.  Amen.


Anonymous said...

What a fun morning that must have been! CONGRATULATIONS on getting out of the house so early!
As I pulled up your blog today, I noticed something about Alice & Emma that needs to be updated. :)
Have a great day, Jamie!

B Barhorst said...


This is awesome. I recently took that same flight to KNC and I was chuckling to myself as I read your post BECAUSE as my flight took off from NKO I was saying the same type of prayer for the pilots that you were saying BUT my heart was really saying what Rose was "MOSTLY JUST DON'T LET US DIE!" Too funny! Hope John's trip was awesome!!! The staff at the hanger is awesome and I so happy that they gave you guys a tour. For being up and at 'um that early you deserved it! : )

Anonymous said...

Missed you too Jamie! I love the First Communion Novena, we're using it this year for our son!