Wednesday, May 16, 2012

stopping to smell the roses

I love watching the little ones discover new things.  They enjoy the simplest of God's gifts, and it's beautiful to watch.

John and the kids bought me a red rose after Mass on Sunday thanks to the Right to Life fundraiser.  It's been resting in a vase on the kitchen island all week...sort of forgotten, I guess.  Except by little Anne who spent a good part of her morning climbing up the barstools, and crawling across the countertops reaching for it.  I kept moving the stools (and she'd move them back), then moved the rose, and she'd climb after it again.  Finally it occured to me to just let her enjoy.  So I took it from the vase and she sniffed it.  A full nose and mouth inhale enjoying every bit of it.  I proceeded to rub her little cheek and forhead with the "soft" petals and we'd both giggle outloud.  She was so delighted by it all.

After a few minutes of just enjoying, I decided to lose the vase altogether.  I put about an inch of water in a little red solo cup (you're singing it, aren't you?!), and clipped the stem to just taller than the cup height.  I placed the stubby little rose in the cup, and onto the end table within her reach, hoping she'd enjoy it for the rest of the day.

She plucked the flower out onto the floor...and drank the water.

And God is certainly smiling with me.  Thank you Lord, I needed that!

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Anonymous said...

too cute!!