Sunday, May 20, 2012

a beautiful weekend

too exhausted to speak in details, so I'll recap...

backyard campfire with roasted mallows & kids running carefree in the dark toting flashlights.
long walks
baseball games
backyard volleyball & pitch-n-catch
dinner and a movie with husband
kids' friends over for a backyard dance party
tie-dying tee shirts under a shade tree in the back yard
popcorn and lemonade
family graduation party...complete with cousins, and water balloons, and cold beer served from an iced kiddie pool

"quiet" sunday evening of more backyard races, and batting practice, and watching dad string some new clothesline for mama. 

Lovely weekend here.  How was yours?


Anonymous said...

welllll, I met 'thsusie'......

Thanks for the laughs!


jamie said...

you know thsuthsie? sthe's my berry bethst fwiend!

silly camfire stories...can't beat 'em.

Barb said...

Sounds wonderful indeed!
My weekend included high school graduation for my baby and now my 18 years of homeschooling have come to an end...bittersweet but wonderful. =)