Friday, May 25, 2012

It's official

We greeted the school kids walking home from their last day with ice cold lemonade, sprinkler splashin' on the front sidewalk, and of course...our party rock anthem for the day blasting on our little cd palyer..."School's OUt for SUmmer!"  (okay, actually that song was playing only in my head...the real song playing was a kid-friendlier version...High School Musical's:  "What Time is it?  Summertime!")

Party on.  (whoop, whoop!)

Sadly, times they are a changin though.  Only the little kids hung around with me for any length of time...the older ones all scattered to spend time with friends...meeting for kickball games, and ice cream at the Tastee.  Guess it's not as cool as it used to be to party with mom...especially not in the FRONT yard.   (sigh.)


B Barhorst said...

Jamie: You are such a neat cool that you did this for not only the "big" kids but also the "little" kids!
Happy Summer to you!!!!

Kira said...

Aww...sorry that I missed that party. ;) Glad you could have fun w/the "little" ones. Have a great summer!