Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what's cookin

I've added a tab there at the top.  Clicking on it will lead to a list of links for recipes I've shared here on the blog over the years. 

My recipe box (and book, and scattered loose-leaf-torn-from-magazine-scraps) leaves a little to be desired in the matter of organization, so this tab is for my benefit as much as yours.  Saves me five minutes of searching through old posts for those tried-and-true recipes I love.

Browse and enjoy!


Martha said...

GREAT IDEA Jamie! Thanks so much for making it easier for me to find your yummy recipes! I've searched your blog a few times looking for an old recipe you posted...this makes it easier on me, too--thanks, you kitchen guru, you!!!

jamie said...
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jamie said...

thanks Martha! Certainly no kitchen guru...in fact, just the opposite...terribly organized and taking baby steps to make finding stuff easier. (nobody answers when I say, "Mom! I can't find my muffin recipe!"