Friday, May 25, 2012

false alarm, we're back in session

So it's the first day of summer break (thursday). I'm thinkin' after a late nighter playing outdoors, we're all going to sleep in. Only the oldest and youngest were on the same page with me. I rolled out of bed around 8:15. I was certain I'd heard kids stirring, and expected to find them planted in front of their favorite (nearly forgotten) cartoons or perhaps munching a bowl of cold cereal.
The kitchen was empty.
The family room...empty.
Maybe they are sleeping in?
Toy room empty. hellloooooo???
Then I spotted the garage lights on.
You have got to be kidding me.
There they were...Grace, Mary, John, Charlie, Frank, Rose and Lucy starting their first session of "home-school." Reading, writing, recycling all those leftover school supplies. Did they not remember it's SUMMER!!!!
(these are so not their mother's kids.)
We are going to the zoo today! Let's move it...breakfast, dressed, brush teeth...I'm ranting now. Because education?
in the summer?
Whassup with that?!
Grace calmly proceeds to instruct the class to put away their things.
"The busdriver is ready to take us on our field trip," she tells them.
Who's she think she's talkin' bout?!
Next they'll be calling me cafeteria lady.
Someone pass me a popsicle please, my heads starting to feel warm.


Anonymous said...

That is funny stuff and you crack me up!! Hope the zoo was fun!

Amber said...

OM goodness! The boys and I really enjoyed this blog! Too funny!