Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Holy Ring-around-the-tub Batman!

Brought all the kids to the park this evening to watch Mary and Sam in their softball/baseball games.  It's funny that we even attempt this...seeing as how I saw absolutely NOTHING of either game.  Only spent the evening playing at the park (black rubber mulch), then watching the kids play in the dusty gravel near the bleachers like a day at the beach.  Some moms bring sandtoys which is super entertaining...and good...but uggh, what a MESS!  I forgot how dirty we get in the summer.

Can't say I've missed washing gravel and sand out of wee-little-ones' hair.  But it all comes back...yes...it's nearly summer.  Let the games begin!

(Tomorrow morning you can find me in the bathrooms, scrubbing tubs...right after my cup o' joe.)

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