Thursday, October 27, 2011

housecleaning 101

OMG! Ladies. There is a little vent thingy underneath your refrigerator can see it if you open the door and look down. get down on your knees and look a little closer...ewww!

So...we are officially homeless. Or, maybe non-homeowners is a better description. We signed papers tonight to sell our home...and are scheduled to close on the new home next week. That means for the next 7 days, we are transients...or renters...or whatever.

All crayons and marker and scissors and blue kool-aid are on lock-down. I will be policing closets and hallways to keep an eye out for wandering ink pens gone wild. We are living in someone else's home, and it's no longer okay to screw it up! Oh Lord. Work with me here.

Anyway, I thought tonight...since I had a little too much high-test coffee and chocolate after trick-or-treating with the kids, that I'd start cleaning places that don't see a lot of daylight. That's what led me to that little grate area at the bottom of the fridge. My heavens. That was enlightening. I also cleaned under and behind the stove and fridge. Wow. Let's just say, I'm going to put those areas on a little more "routine" schedule at the new place. I had no idea THAT much dust could accumulate in such a small area.

It feels good to have it checked off the list though, and am looking forward to a nervous/energetic/cleaning/boxing week or two ahead of us. How exciting! Not sure if it's residual caffeine or genuine giddiness...but I'm shaking as I type...wooohooooo!!

Thank you God for hangin' with me...getting me through...allowing this all to work out...we are truly blessed!

Have a great day everyone!!


Anonymous said...

How exciting for all of you!!! I think an evening out to celebrate your new house and Homan's new baby should be planned!! Now, when you get done with your house will you come to mine! UGH! For owning a cleaning business I surely do HATE cleaning my own house! ;)

jamie said...

Amy, yes,always ready for a night out(we just never plan it)! And yes...would love to celebrate the new little HOman on the way.
As for can read that I'm not so great at it either...and when I'm done here, there's another house waiting for me:)

Amber said...

Congrats! I feel your pain as far as the cleaning goes, and the idea that you are a renter, haha. Best of luck to you all!