Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Duck (Tape) for Dinner?!

John and Annie and I are usually the last to leave the dinner table. It's a few minutes of converation time we enjoy, as we continue to toss little Anne a crumb or two from someone's plate. Tonight was no different, except as we lingered a little longer than the rest, Lucy passed through and proceeded to stick a 6 inch strip of duck tape to the top of Annie's head. Just like that. No fuss...just stuck duck tape on her head.
And then she tried to pull it off.
Except it was stuck to Anne's fluffy blonde locks...and it wouldn't budge.
Uh, oh.
Poor Lucy recognized immediately that she'd done something very wrong...and as John and I just stared like deer in headlights...Lucy began to slowly pucker, and tear up, and soon sobbed for what she'd just done.
Anne was oblivious as she continued to munch on potatoes and warm apples.
But Lucy was sorry....very sorry...
And I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for the sad little Lucy, wishing she could take it all back.
Too sweet...
and OMG! So honery! Who sticks duck tape in hair?!
Luckily it pulled off fairly easily with only minimal hair loss...and a few yelps from little Anne...who was bothered for only a moment...and then resumed munching.

Seriously? Duck tape?!

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