Monday, October 3, 2011

Just another manic monday...

(Oh, woe. Wish it was Sunday. Oh, woe. Cause that's my funday. ~the Bangles, circa 1986)

Nope, It's monday.
As if I need to state that.
I guess, when I say "It's monday" you can all read into kitchen cupboard is buried, there's not enough coffee in the world, laundry is backed up into next week, and we're all a little...tired. You can also read, it's hard getting dressed, I need a shower but I'm too lazy to take one, I feel like baking, but won't muster up the energy for it, probably because I also know that I'm missing at least one key ingredient to ANYTHING I'd want to make. It always feels like we're out of everything (interesting) to eat on Monday's too.

Oh, and it's Monday after the ' just multiply everything I just wrote to the Nth degree (times infinity.)

Except, the sun's shining. That makes it all a little better.

Oh, and there was a dude here from the bank, doing an appraisal. So that motivated me to get things spiffied up just a bit. That's good. Good to be motivated, and good to remember that we're moving soon...and when I think about the new house, I get a little giddy. It's very exciting!

And then I get to smiling about what a fun weekend we just had. It was COLD! But that didn't keep us from enjoying it all. There was family time...dancing and singing at the gazebo, and running our first "family" fun run. (All 13 of us participated in the 1 mile fun run Sunday. I pushed Annie in the stroller...and she beat me. Darnit!) And more dancing, and parade watching, and more singing. And we had some adult time too...dancing and singing, and chatting with friends we don't see often enough. Oh, and drinking a bit of draft beer from milk jugs...just crazy!

It was all quite enjoyable. Makes me feel very blessed, indeed. But...tired. And so we're not doing much today...but recovering. And by that I mean...letting the washer/dryer do all the work, while I save the folding for tomorrow. And enjoying the swingset outside, and the wagon, and building with blocks, and playing board games. And just letting it be Monday.

Ein Prosit! (Cheers!) to a quiet, blessed Monday all!


Martha said...

We're having a similar king of Monday here Jamie--but it's raining at our house! Sorry we didn't get to see more of your crew this weekend--glad to read you had fun and we hope to see you another time real soon. Enjoyed reading happy news about progress for your move--such an exciting time around your house! By the way, I LOVE the picture of your little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch--so cute! Talk with you soon--enjoy the head hitting the pillow tonight! :)

Barb said...

I hope your Tuesday is going well! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new exciting!