Tuesday, October 11, 2011

retreat info.

I'm working on adding tabs at the top of the blog...added a new one "Hear here" where I've included information on the upcoming women's retreat at Maria Stein with a link beneath the picture for registration information on the Spiritual Center's website. (thanks for asking about it.) Go ahead...click around. I may try to add new tabs for all sorts of things now that I seem to have it figured out.

***oh, and just to be very clear...I'm so grateful for your excitement/anticipation of this event...but really I can take no credit for any of it...some really incredible women have been working/brainstorming this for years, and I'm humbled to have been asked to have some small part in it. Lets help bring their beautiful plans to fruition and STORM the place;) Go on now, check it out and register...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, I love reading your blog, check it about everyday! I went to your talk at Burkettsville and am signed up for your retreat! Looking forward to it! You are so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your stories.