Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bright starts.

It's not even 10am yet.

6 kids breakfasted and off to Mass and school.
5 more...well...we've done much!

We've had several rounds of breakfast, showered, washed a load of sheets (which will be out on the line soon), set up a train in the basement, completed our first course on Warrior Ninja training--homeschool style (that's gonna hurt later,) rescued Annie from a near miss with a ping-pong ball (who the heck plays ping-pong around here?!) recovered pajamas stuck on the ceiling fan (no one knows how that happened), finished a pot of coffee (thanks to Grandma who stopped by after mass), talked with a phone solicitor and are now officially a Nielson family! Woooohoooooooo!
Who needs the lotto?! We've got it all baby!

...and it's not even 10am yet.

1 comment:

Wander Girl said...

The pajama hung on the ceiling fan is priceless. A mother with 10 kids, you must me a Wonder Mom!