Friday, September 10, 2010

the week of "firsts" continues...

Okay, so not all firsts are "good things," but it could be worse, I keep telling myself. Frank had our first illness of the the changing seasons. I brought him in to the doctor this morning for a nasty double ear infection. Poor little guy has been running a fever off and on, and complaining of ear pain (mainly at night, of course) for a couple days, so it was time to consider treatment. Turns out not only did he have a lot of fluid and pressure behind both ear drums, he also had terribly infected ear canals, nearly swollen shut. He's being treated with not only an oral antibiotic, but antibiotic drops into the ear canal as well. I'm so glad we've had very little experience with ear seems to make the kids terribly miserable...not wanting to eat, not able to sleep, and just generally feeling lousy with fever.
The silver lining though...a quick trip to the library for some new books and movies while we were getting prescriptions filled means plenty of quiet snuggle time on the couch...which is actually possible with the smaller crowd at home during the day.

In other another package in the mail today (a split shipment from my previously described order of baby items.) This one included some new items for momma too...though completely baby/nursing related. I'm very excited to share a review of my new goods in a future post. I hesitantly ordered a couple nursing tanks (something I've never tried before, but love the idea of), and after trying them on, I think I'm gonna LOVE them!! (men, you're gonna wanna tune out for that one.)

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