Wednesday, September 22, 2010

T minus 6 weeks, and counting...

...the millions of things I should be getting done. And yet, here I am. Taking a break from the madness (again). We've been busy here lately...mostly getting caught up in the comings and goings of daily life, but also trying to cross a few things off my "have to get done before baby arrives" list. (Okay, so some things have been on the list since, oh I don't know, Grace was in the womb...but a mom can dream, right?!)

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we started potty training with my "baby" Lucy, who will be three in December. She took well to it immediately, loving the "big girl" attention. And after just a couple days was staying dry through the nights (even waking herself up, going on her own, and then sneaking into bed with us to let us know.) She's been accident-free of pee for over a week now. It's the "poo" that's giving us issues. She absolutely refuses (perhaps scared to death?!) to try that one on the potty yet. Oh, and it usually only takes ONE time for them to know it's okay...but we can't get that first one!! I've tried lots of little motivations (ie BRIBES). Today though, I'm throwing caution to the wind, and she's streaking in her birthday suit until we have success. (Had to drive Charlie the 1/2 block to preschool, cause I'm certain as soon as she's dressed she'll let loose in her, naked she went into her carseat...she giggled.) I'm trying to remain calm about this, knowing that it's just a matter of time, and that we've accomplished this 9 times before her (though in seemingly much quicker fashion)...just breathe Jamie.

In other news...I've got my sewing machine out for a marathon of projects. My mom sewed new dresses for the oldest two to wear at our local Oktoberfest next weekend. I offered to do the accompanying aprons. I finished those up yesterday (check). Next on the list is a medieval-style dress for Emma who is participating in/helping to organize a Renaissance banquet at school. It's not due until November, but timing is not the best there, so I'm wanting to get that checked off the list as well. I've got fabric set aside for some bean bags for our yard game...not a priority by any means, but since the sewing machine is out, I'll try to get that done too. Oh, and the girls had a clever sewing idea for some christmas gifts this year, so I've got 10 yards of really cute fabric waiting on me. Alice and Emma want to help with that project, so it may go quicker (or much longer) depending.

I'm still planning to accomplish a little more canning yet this year. I have a real hankerin' for homemade applesauce...warm with a little cinnamon...mmmmm. Can't you just taste it?! So, I'm hoping to get over to a nearby orchard yet this week, and get a bushel or two and get to work.

I'll admit, my energy level is dwindling (big time) so I'm pretty much limited to one project that I can complete in the morning, when I'm feeling my best. By afternoon, I'm not good for much more than a load or two of laundry to fold, followed by a quick cat-nap before the school kids are back home ready for the snack/homework/supper routine.

It hasn't taken me any time at all to adjust to John's new dayshift fact, we're all LOVING it! And, I'm quite content to get my housework/laundry done during the day, so we can fall into bed by 10. I can't even remember having the energy to stay up past midnight every night...that must have been someone else...some other lifetime.

We're still working through finalizing a contract on THE HOME we're still dreaming of. It's one of those things that requires patience, and for the most part, I've pretty much forgotten about worrying about it. It will happen in it's own good time. Though, once the contract is signed, our current house will go on the market...and that's a whole 'nother stress (keeping things clean/picked up) that I'm not looking forward to. But, like I said...I've handed that worry back to God. There's too much keeping me occupied in the here and now...I'm trusting in His Providence.

We're (I'm) getting VERY excited about greeting this new little one, who's movements in my belly allow me to feel/imagine little feet and knees and other boney parts as they roll across my midsection. My nights are consumed with dreams about holding, nursing, and caring for this new little miracle...I just can't wait to meet him or her. Oh, he/she'll be here before we know it.
And list or no list, I know that we're ready...


Kate Hart said...

Jamie -
Your attitude and easy going nature are truly inspiring! God has definitely blessed you in more ways than one.
Good luck with that "list"...if it is anything like mine, you check one thing off, and add 3 more!
Best wishes through the next 6 weeks, and for a wonderful delivery of your next little miracle.

Martha said...

We're excited to meet our newest cousin, too! We pray for "all moms with babies in their bellies" and then name the ones we know and it just makes us more anxious to meet your new little miracle!!! It's so nice to read about you enjoying these precious times, Jamie! Thanks for your blog! p.s. my kids got a kick out of the picture of big Sam in the car seat! :)