Sunday, September 12, 2010

safety seat sunday

I mentioned in my previous post that John and I got out for a quick shopping trip...and here's the reason...

Now that Frank and Rose have turned four, and pretty close to the 40# mark (with boots and heavy clothes on), they can convert from the regular infant/toddler 5 point harness seats to the standard booster seat, which allows them to buckle in with a regular seat belt. With SEVEN kids in car/booster seats (soon to be EIGHT!) this means my life is greatly simplified. K-Mart has booster seats buy-one-get-one-free this week, so we had to rush over and check it out. Yup, two new booster seats for $18.99. What a deal!
It meant removing all the old seats, vacuuming the van, and even trying out a new seating arrangement. While the seats were out, all the kids had fun lining them up and playing with them in the driveway...even Alice and Emma were tempted to model the old "baby seats" that Frank and Rose are happy to send into storage.

Frank and Rose now get John and Mary's highback booster seats, and the older pair got the new backless seats.

Everyone's happy...'cept Sam, who didn't think I was quick enough with the camera to catch him reliving his younger days.


Only One said...

Must have been the weekend for that feeling. I now feel sorry for the Schmiesing men, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, you have a nice 15pass. van to fit all of those car/booster seats!! ;) have you ever thought of working for evenflo to get those discounts?? Just a thought!