Saturday, September 25, 2010


(that would be THANK GOD FOR LINOLEUM...and LUCY...and LUCKY timing...and LEAPING for joy over finally having potty success!)

After a 2 week battle of wills...and boy is she stubborn (like her momma)...we finally had success today!! Surely the entire neighborhood heard all 10 kids and myself singing and celebrating..."Lucy pooped on the potty!, Lucy pooped on the potty!" There were two weeks worth of bribes being pulled out of the cabinets...silly bands, bubble gum, lollipops, you name it. She called grandma. She gave high fives. She even wore a dress the whole world can know that she's in "big girl" panties.

Yep. Life is good. Now...we just wait and pray, that it continues in a forward-moving direction. She's already starting to go pee independently...without constant reminders. Now we just hope the same for "Number 2."

(oh, and don't mind the poor picture quality...the only camera I could find in all the excitement was Rose's little Toddler-Cam. Lucy didn't mind though.)

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Anonymous said...

what a sweet little fuck she would be!! can't keep those legs closed that's enough for me to drill her so hard