Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alleluiah Sunday!!

(a potty follow-up...disregard if you're tired of reading about such personal info.)

I was awakened at 7 am this morning to the beckoning call of "Mom, I poooooooped!"
(Oh no.)
Panic came over me as I lept out of bed as spryly as a woman almost 8 months pregnant can leap...and hurried, expecting to find a messy little 3 year old coming down the stairs. She wasn't there. I turned the corner to find her instead, grinning from ear to ear, sitting on the big potty where she had snuck in to do her business. In a matter of seconds all the kids were out of bed (probably expecting the same misfortune I had...and not one of the kids here can resist witnessing a good mess).
Hooping and hollering ensued.
Grace ran for one last package of silly bands I had tucked away in a cabinet, and so our Sunday began...what a blessed day!

Alleluia! Praising God for all his goodness, and mercy. That I shant have to bare many more days in the potty training least not for a few more years anyway.

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