Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nothing new...

I haven't been writing much lately. It seems that even in the grocery store line, when someone asks "What's new?" I stumble for an answer. Truth is, many days feel just like the day before. And with cold weather setting in, and all of our time being spent indoors, it feels even more so. As I struggled for something "inspiring" to write about tonight, it occured to me to mention the little details of our day. Perhaps not inspiring, but grace-filled none the less. I'll start by mentioning that on Saturdays, there are no alarm clocks in this house. (Except for John who leaves for work very early...before my brain can hear, let alone respond to an alarm.) Anyways, I awoke to the sound of boys tip-toeing down the hallway, sneaking into my room, and climbing in under the covers to snuggle just a bit before the others wake up. God Bless John and Charlie. It doesn't take Lucy long to stir in her crib, next to my bed. She doesn't cry though, just giggles and begins bouncing in her bed to get my attention. I quickly pull her into my bed also. Frank's awake now, and hollering to get out of his crib. Unfortunately Sam is ignoring him, so up we go to retrieve Frank, and 5 of us snuggle onto the couch. It's a great way to wake in the morning. I strongly recommend this slower pace if you're able.
Did I mention it snowed here today?! Our first snowfall of the season. Big wet beautiful flakes, that even managed to accumulate on rooftops, and over grass, before melting away in the rain later. The snow lasted most of the afternoon, which prompted us to move furniture. Our couch always sits in front of the big picture window in the living room, and rather than have the kids sitting on the back of the couch all day, we opted instead to move furniture. Have you ever tried moving couches with a baby, 2 toddlers and a handful of other pint-size helpers? It's a challenge to say the least. But it was so worth it to see them lined up in the window all afternoon just watching the snow fall. Beautiful!! (naturally, my camera batteries are dead, and Sam just put the last 8 or so into his remote control monster truck. Drats!)
The day was even more special in that we attended church as a family (or at least the majority of us.) The babies went to grandmas as usual, but John made it home from work early, and was able to join us to hear Alice and Emma singing in the childrens choir at 5 o'clock mass. I had forgotten how nice it is to have him in the pew with us. I so look forward to a time when his schedule might change that he can join us every Sunday.
I am grateful for simple blessings in my life...for days when "nothing new" means "all is good."

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