Monday, November 3, 2008

busy monday

Hello all. I'm feeling too exhausted tonight to be clever with words, so I'll just share a little of our hectic day...
7am: up and at 'em. We're out of cereal, so it's scrambled eggs, toast and juice for all. 3 oldest off to school
spent the morning folding laundry, bathing babies, and munching on halloween candy. (oh, and coffee.)
John mowed the grass, and raked some leaves with the help of the boys.
Homemade pizza for lunch, kitchen cleanup. 3 more out the door for afternoon school.
I did some quick shopping at Walmart and Aldi's for groceries, and a bridal shower gift. Made it home in time to unload and pick up 2 from preschool.
Grace came home from school in tears because she'd left her homework papers in her desk, so Alice and Emma were kind enough to walk back with her. (grateful for tiny graces.)
After homework, we packed a picnic for the park to enjoy one more unseasonably warm evening. It was wonderful!
7:00 Rosary for the elections. John and I and the 6 oldest went. It was the coolest. We prayed for all the souls of each of the 50 states. One for each Hail Mary. Patriotic was all beautiful, and the kids did very well through it.
7:45 John headed home with the kids and I went on to our WhyCatholic small group meeting. Very nice conversation, and spiritually uplifting as usual.
9:00-10:00 spent an hour at Adoration, praying for conversion of souls, for the elections, for our priests and vocations, and much more. How quickly that hour went! Wonderful.
Came home and sampled some of mom's homemade black bean salsa. Delicious!! (I need that recipe.)
Attempted to clear some papers and mail off of the kitchen cupboard, loaded the dishwasher, and now, finally calling it a day...tomorrow's another day.

A thought on Psalm 34 (from the song "Taste and See")
I will bless the Lord at all times. Praise shall always be on my lips. My soul shall glory in the Lord, for He has been so good to me.


Anonymous said...

Your post leaves me with the image of chocolate candy bars with coffee sprinkles. You _are_ hard core!

jamie said...

you make me laugh! thanks. It's funny, before I could spell my own name, I was trained in the fine art of coffee pouring and carrying without spilling. I swore I'd never drink the stuff...but 10 babies later, you do whatcha gotta do!