Wednesday, November 26, 2008

family ties...or knots?

On the same subject I last posted...I found myself in another puzzler today, this time involving John's side of the family. We attended the funeral mass for his Aunt Clara this morning. When discussing before-hand, her children's names, late husband, etc. I mentioned to John "Now this is your Dad's sister-in-law right?" His reply..."Yes, and his aunt." And so the untangling of family ties began.

Turns out (and this is not the only example within his family) that John's uncle (on his dad's side) Eddie married Clara who also happens to be John's great aunt (on his mom's side.) It was nice though, seeing both sides of John's family tree at church.

I mentioned this happens more than once in his family...another example, John's aunt Edna (his dad's sister) married John's great uncle (from mom's side.) Clear as mud, right? I just ask John to remind me from time to time, who's who, and how we're related.

ps...if I messed this up (family) feel free to let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the "you know who family" here in town--sisters from one family marrying brothers from another, 3x's!! Boy, do there kids all look alike.