Monday, January 30, 2012

sweat equity

Even the kids found ways to contribute to this project.

Our (former apartment) new family room remodel:

Phase 1: Demo. (check.)

We spent this past weekend readying the space by clearing it of everything. No more carpet, no more cabinets, or appliances, or plumbing fixtures. more walls, no more ceiling tiles. Even the electrical wires were pulled to make way for a completely new open floor extension of our kitchen, an added bathroom, and a family great room.

My dad and brother along with John did the largest part of the labor, but the older kids sure did their share as well. Alice, Emma and Sam helped with hammers, and hauling, and even hours on step ladders pulling the staples left overhead after the ceiling tiles were stripped away. I was never more proud of their hard work.

In another week or so, contracters will be coming in to remove a couple walls between our kitchen and this unused space...and the room will blossom from there.

I've not decided if I'll post pictures as the work progresses or just tease you with a couple "before" shots, and a final "after"...and then backtrack. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Here are Lucy, Mary & Grace showing the kitchen wall "before." That wooden door down the hallway on the right is currently our only access to the apartment space. For now.
Here Alice and Grace are dodging dust and debris in the completely gutted apartment space. In this photo, I'm standing on the backside of the wall I just showed looking across the space, toward the street. Things will look different very soon. (and I couldn't be more tickled.)


Jenny said...

Good is so much fun to watch your 'new' home change from day to day. We are so happy with our changes and I saw that the same contractor was there today working. You will love his work!

Amber said...

We drove past and saw all of the "stuff" in the waggon outside your house. We were wondering what was all going on! Best of luck with the mess and changes!

B Barhorst said...

WOW....what an undertaking. Looks like a fun adventure. My parents basically gutted and rebuilt their turn of the century home back in the 80's and 90's. My mom took tons of pictures and we love looking back and remembering the process. Good Luck and Enjoy the journey!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the kids help with the project, they learn so much AND gives them pride in their home!!
Exciting times

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