Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frank-the story teller.

I'd be a lying fool to tell you that our kids don't fight and bicker and argue and annoy the heck out of each other...often. They are brothers and sisters after all. One of my biggest pet peaves right now is the way any two of them can go on forever with Nuh-uh, yuh-huh, Nuh-uh, Yuh-huh business. Seriously! Someone just end it already!

But a weeks' worth of those drive-me-nuts--God-grant-me-patience--we-can-get-thru-this-together--Mom's-gonna-lose-it! moments, can be cancelled out with a single moment like this...
Frank barreled down the stairs the other morning, just as the older kids were gearing up for their walk to school. He was all fired up and excited about the dream he'd just awoken from, and wanted to share the good news that he'd "won first prize in a contest for a brand new Nerf Stampede ECS" (the coolest in Nerf's arsenal). He's been wanting one for awhile, and was so ecstatic by his dream, that even though he seemed aware it was only a dream, the joy it gave him was enough to last the whole day. And the big kids recognized this, and dropped everything while they gathered around to hear his story. It was awesome. I couldn't have begged them to do something this kind...but sometimes they just get it. They get the joy, and the need for attention, and know how to pull together when they should. Totally awesome. All eyes on Frank as he recalled his First Prize dream.
Made my little heart all warm and fuzzy and full again...seriously...yuh-huh!

Thank you God for these get me thru the others.


j,j,andhsmom said...

One of the things that I absolutely love about larger families is that the kids often realize life is not always about them. It's easy to realize this when everything in life is shared...generally in a good way! I am always amazed that the children in larger families are almost always the most well behaved in school/church etc, and I think the knowledge that the world is bigger than they are is part of that. Although I had hoped for more, God decided to bless us with only three, but we try to instill in them every day, that we make no decision based on any one individual...we try to decide what is best for the family unit. I love this story about your kids living it!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jamie

I love this picture. Says a lot.


Pam Kaiser said...

And again, your love for the basic things transcends to your it! :)