Monday, January 23, 2012

random acts of kindness

The weekend brought snow to these parts. Unfortunately, the rain that came through last night washed it all away just as quickly. While it was here though, we made the most of it. The kids spent a large part of Saturday outdoors building forts, clearing sidewalks, engaging in snowball battles, and the best...building a snow family in our front yard for all the passers-by to see. It took them the whole day, in shifts, to develop the ideas and finally build each, mom, a child playing in a pile of snowballs, even a snow-puppy whose tail wags in the breeze. Very cute indeed. All the while, those "on break" warming indoors to hot cocoa (coffee for me) would supervise from the snuggly comfort of the couch in the front window. It was great. A real team effort. Well, except for me and Anne. We just kept hot cocoa on the stove, and enjoyed the mostly quiet afternoon. (Laundry kept me plenty busy during her nap time.)

Dark came too soon, and I had to beg them all inside, assuring them there would be snow left on Sunday for another day of play.
Just as the last ones stripped off their snow clothes and settled inside, waiting out supper...the doorbell rang. None of us recognized the kind stranger at the door (I apologize if I should have...I'm terrible that way.)
Turns out, someone driving by saw the kids hard at work finishing the snow-family, and enjoyed the view. Enjoyed it enough in fact to be moved to stop by the grocery and pick us up a little treat. This kind lady on our front stoop, thanked the kiddos for their hard work, and handed over a grocery bag of 'smores fixins. Just like that. Random kindness.

I thanked her as she walked away, with a "thank you" that seemed way to insignificant for the trouble she'd just gone to. Sometimes I get so caught up in myself, and my little world to forget how simple, and powerful a little kindness can be. AWESOME! And the coolest is that the kids really got it...they couldn't say enough about the "cool" lady that stopped by.

In fact at dinner later (the one none of the kids ate much of, cause they were too full of 'smores and hot cocoa...and I was cool with that) we went around the table sharing the day's "Best" (an opportunity for everyone to speak about the best thing that happened that day) They were all in agreement that the BEST thing was that a total stranger would do something so nice. Me too. That is the BEST. And such a simple lesson for us all (especially me) about doing little things with love...and how it leaves us better for it...the giver and the reciever. So cool.

That kind lady with 'smores...she was God's hand in that moment.
And God is good (and apparently enjoys snowfamilies, and teamwork too.)
Thank you for reaching out to us in such a fun unexpected way.

Here's our snow family reaching out their hands in a friendly hello, and "thank you!"


Amber said...

We saw your kiddos working outside on those awesome snow people. I loved the puppy the most. I am so happy to know that someone was kind enough to bring you treats! What an amazing day!

Jannis said...

Great snow family! And I love the random acts of kindness story. I am sure the mystery lady got just as much enjoyment out of it as your family did!