Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on the 10th day of christmas...

Wow! Has it been nearly 2 weeks again, since I've posted?!

I hate that.

I mean, I love that our days have been so full...good full. Each day blessed, like a new gift to unwrap. Truly these have been the richest days of Christmas I've ever experienced. Maybe it comes with age...or increased understanding of God's great love...maybe I just have my eyes (and heart) open. Who knows. It's been a wonderful Christmas season thus far, with more treasures to come. It's gonna take me several posts to unravel exactly how we've spent our time since I've last written (Christmas Adam, I believe.)

I'll start with something from this morning though...very random...and completely unrelated to Christmas at all. Can't help it, that's how my mind works...randomly.

As I was wiping down the windows and glass doors in the kitchen this morning...God laughed. And sent me a "helper."

Ewwww....gross boogies, and drool mixed with tears. Had to set down the windex and towels to clean her up, and just love on her for a bit. 'Tis the season for runny noses, and babies needing extra snuggly time.

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