Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love Dory.

"just keep swimmin, just keep swimmin, swimmin, swimmin."

It's my montra these days.

In this crazy sea of every-day-life, where the rivers of home renovations and prior commitments converge...I'll just keep swimmin.
Today I find myself wearing yoga pants that I slept in last night. Splash of deoderant, a clean shirt and some water to tame the bed-head and I'm good. It's the best I can muster this three of work-crews here by 7:30 am. Seriously 7:30. I'm usually in pj's well past 10. I need to focus my energy to answer such daunting questions as "Mom, where's my Ninjago-Lego dude?" and "Mom, can I have gum?" (before breakfast?!) Those are the easy ones...the questions my brain has been fielding for a dozen years now. There are new questions these days though...stumpers...questions that have me scratching my head in, "How many recessed lights would you like in the family room?" and "Where would you like the switches for those?" or "What color vanity top would you like in your bathroom?" Seriouly...I went through a whole box of marble chip samples only to learn that NONE of them have mint green flecks?! How is this progress?! Nobody's thought to create a bathroom vanity that camoflauges toothpaste spittings?! Oi. Guess we'll go with beige. Whatever. As for switches...a single master switch near my bed would be fine...ON in the morning, OFF at night. Really...nobody else bothers with turning lights off in this house looks like a party in every room at least 10 hours of every day.
These questions should not be difficult. Really. But they are. Just more wonderful things to think about at night as I lie in bed trying to solve the problems of my little world. Not really problems at all when I remember to thank God for these blessings, and realize just how truly good he's been to us here. No room for complaints, or concerns. It will all come together in the end, I know.
Truth is, it's quite exciting...VERY exciting to see the progress at the end of each day. Also exciting to realize I likely won't clean house for several's just not worth trying to keep up with all that dust. No house-cleaning=more play time, more reading time, more puzzle time, more time to find that darn Ninjago-Lego dude, and fold that crazy laundry. Yes. Life goes on.
And I'll just keep swimmin.


Anonymous said...

Very excited for you!!! Saw your couch out front---guess new furniture is in progress as well. How fun!

jamie said...

thanks Amy!
Yes, 2 years ago we bought slipcovers to hide the holes. Now even the slipcovers are holey, and springs are breaking more disguising the terrible shape they're in.

Anonymous said...

Silestone tea leaf have the mint green specks in it. Hopefully it's not too late and I think formica has a similar color. Anyway Silestone is my favorite! Better than formica, granite and corian and I have had all.

Jenny said...

Hi Jamie,
Nothing to add regarding the renovating, but I have read your blog for the past couple of years now and thoroughly enjoy it! So imagine my excitement at finding out I will get to hear you and your husband speak this Saturday!!!!! I can't wait to meet you both and listen to your talk:)

Anonymous said...

We now... here are some thoughts you should hang on to. First, it will all come to pass for new issues will come up to concentrate on. Second you should be happy for the family you have. All else MUST come second. Third, if God wanted you to have all the answers right off the top of your head he would have made you a electrican, plumber, carpenter and cabinet maker all rolled up into one. Well he didn't, so flow with....I always did.

Barb said...

I know exactly how you're feeling these days! We had our kitchen renovated during the five weeks before Christmas.(It was supposed to take only 3 weeks.) They started Nov.15 and I found out on Nov.18th that I needed a hysterectomy as soon as possible. So on Dec.2, I had surgery and was recovering from major surgery while letting men into our house every morning at 7:30 until three days before Christmas. It was CRAZY!! Fortunately I had made most of the decisions before they started so I didn't have to deal with that but I spent my days on the couch with everything from our kitchen piled in our living room and dining room, trying to homeschool John and wondering how I was going to get everything ready for Christmas.
But it was all worth it!!! I love my new kitchen and with the help of my dear husband everything was ready for Christmas Day! Before you know it, you will be enjoying all of your new rooms and renovation will be a fun memory.