Sunday, February 26, 2012

diaper bags.

I always felt that carrying a diaper bag on my shoulder made me feel...well, younger. Despite the fact that I'm pushing 40 this year, somehow a diaper bag helped me relate to those new mommas...first-timer, 20 somethings. Never mind that I have 10 others out of diapers by now. Still. Diaper bag in my mind helps me feel well, younger.
Younger that is, until I'm toting it (and all 11 kids) to my 12 year old's rockin girl-band concert ("Chatterbox" LIVE on stage at the New Bremen bowling alley!)

It felt wrong to walk out the door with all the kids in tow and say "Alice, don't forget your guitar. John, I've got the diaper bag."

My first "rock concert" with a diaper bag. Seriously. Crazy. And feelin well, old.

This is NOT how we geared up for Van Halen in the early 90's.

Here's Alice and her band-mates prior to taking the stage...
And the girls rockin' the house...


Amber said...

Haha!!! I love it! I hope they did well and that you had a good time!

BellisimaBaby said...


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